Our bearings and engineering products




  · Universal grinding, internal & external up to 915mm length & 205mm dia

· Surface grinding up to 177mm height

· Manual turning up to 600mm dia x 3000mm.

· CNC turning 200mm dia x 1200mm centres and CNC bar feed volume production

· Taper turning, screw cutting, internal & external taper threads

· Multi start threads

· Milling – Manual & CNC up to 1500mm x 596mm x 584mm

· Gear cutting – spur gears up to 300mm dia

· Slotting, up to 200mm through, up to 600mm dia

· Broaching up to 25mm

· Specialised repairs & refurbishments

· Shotblasting, small to medium components

· We work with cast iron, aluminium, stainless and mild steel and special steels plus nylon and plastic

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· Deep Groove Ball Bearings

· Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

· Angular Contact Bearings

· Cylindrical Roller Bearings

· Needle Roller Bearings

· Spherical Roller Bearings

· Taper Roller Bearings

· Thrust Bearings

· Pillow Blocks

· Self Lubricated Housed Units

· Steel Balls

· Cylindrical Rollers

· Oilite Bushes

· Glacier Type Bushes

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Chain & Sprockets

chain sprocket taper lock bush conveyor attachment chain

  · BS Imperial pitches

· Metric pitches

· American standard pitches

· Stainless steel chains

· Attachment chains

· Conveyor chains

· Special chains

· BS Pilot bore sprockets

· BS Taper lock sprockets

· Taper lock bushes

· American standard sprockets

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Belts & Pulleys

v belt vee timing htd variable speed polyvee variable speed


· V-Belts

· Timing belts

· HTD Belts

· Variable speed belts

· Poly Vee belts

· Special belts

· V-Belt pulley

· Timing belt pulleys

· HTD Belt pulleys

· Variable speed belt pulleys

· Poly Vee belt pulleys

· Special belt pulleys

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Electric Motors

motors three phase single phase energy efficient brake motor foot flange inverter


· Three Phase Motors

· Single Phase Motors

· Energy Efficient Motors

· Brake Motors

· Foot & Flange Mounting

· Inverters

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 · Worm Drive Gearboxes

· Helical Inline Gearboxes

· Bevel Helical Gearboxes

· Clutches & Brakes

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Grease & Lubricants

industrial oil grease food grade agricultural automotive biodegradable metal working aerosol


· Industrial Oils & Greases

· Food Grade Oils & Greases

· Agricultural Oils & Greases

· Automotive Oils & Greases

· Biodegradable Oils & Greases

· Metal Working Lubricants

· Aerosols

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glue adhesive thread lock gasket sealant thread seal retainer retaining superglue silicone

· Thread lock

· Gasket Sealant

· Thread Seal

· Retaining

· Superglue

· Structural Adhesives

· Silicone Sealant

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Oil Seals

rotary shaft oil seal oilseal metric imperial split seal hydraulic nitrile viton R21 R23 springless


· Metric Rotary Shaft Seals

· Imperial Rotary Shaft Seals

· Available in various materials

· Split Seals

· Hydraulic Seals

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oring o-ring o ring cord viton nitrile


· Metric O-Rings

· Imperial O-Rings

· Available in various materials

· O-Ring Cord

· O-Ring Selection Boxes

· O-Ring Splicing Kits

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Mechanical Seals



· Conical Spring O-Ring Mounted Seals

· Elastomeric Bellow Seals

· Parallel Spring Diaphragm Seal

· Balanced Diaphragm Seals

· Parallel Spring O-Ring Mounted Seals

· Multiple Spring Seals

· Wave Spring Seals

· Water Pump Seals

· Waste Water Pump Seals

· Seals for all major pump manufacturers

· Food, Beverage & Dairy Seals


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Teflon Tapes

PTFE teflon tape self adhesive zone tape barrier tape


· PTFE Adhesive Tape

· PTFE Adhesive Zone Tape

· PTFE Adhesive Barrier Tape

· Non-Adhesive Tapes

· Various thicknesses available

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Castors & Wheels

castor wheel fixed swivel institutional load roller stairclimber fork bolt hole  plate


• Available fixed & swivel

• Various fixing types 

• Free or braked

• Choice of wheel materials

• Steel, stainless or zinc forks

• Institutional range available

• Industrial range

• Load rollers

• Stairclimbers

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Nuts, Bolts & Fixings

screw bolt socket screw hex hexagon set threaded studding eye silver steel nuts washers keysteel


• Hexagon Headed Bolts & Set Screws

• Hexagon Socket Screws

• Machine Screws

• Threaded Bar (Studding)

• Eye Bolts

• Nuts & Washers

• Silver Steel

• Keysteel

• Shim Steel

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Circlips & Fasteners

circlip external internal e-clip star washer snap ring grip push-on crecent


• Internal Circlips

• External Circlips

• E-Clips

• Star Washers

• Snap Rings

• Grip Rings

• Push On Fix

• Crescent Rings

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Machine Knives

blades bespoke profiles knives knife vertical bagging tray sealing slitter guillotine perforator cut


• Large range available

• Competitive prices

• Precision specifications

• Hard wearing

• Bespoke blades made to order

• Special profiles and materials available

• Vertical bagging knives

• Tray sealing knives

• Circular slitters

• Guillotine blades

• Circular perforators

• Cut off knives

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Bonded rubber backed belts

linatex vacuum belt pull down rubber backed backing timing belt


• Extremely versatile for general conveying

• High coefficient of friction

• Good cut & tear resilience

• Abrasion resistant 

• Oil resistant

• Manufactured from natural rubber

• Different levels of hardness

• Available profiled or grooved

• Range of different covers available

• Longer life

• Vacuum belts available

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Silicone Rubber Extrusions

 silicone rubber extrusions
 food industry
 oven doors
freezer doors 
ready meal tray sealer


• silicone rubber extrusions

• food industry applications

• suitable for oven doors

• suitable for freezer doors 

• ready meal tray sealer applications

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Polyurethane Belting

Polyurethane Belting Solid Round Tubular
Special Profiles  Section Endless Belting Joined


• Polyurethane Belting

• Solid Round

• Tubular

• Special Profiles & Tracks 

• V Section

• T Section

• Endless Belting

• Joined Belting

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Wire Belting

wire conveyor belting honeycomb spiral woven link self tracking flexible rod  ladder baking band


• wire conveyor belting

• honeycomb belting

• spiral woven belting

• chain link belting

• self tracking belting

• flexible rod belting

• ladder conveyor belting

• rolled baking band 

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Table top chain and belting

 FDA compliant conveyor applications
Straight running side flexing
Metal thermoplastic Sprockets


• Quality and reliability

• Competitive prices

• Second to none service

• FDA compliant available

• Trusted brands

• Wide range of conveyor applications

• Straight running and side flexing

• Metal and thermoplastic available

• Sprockets to suit

• Large stocks available on a 24/7 service

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Speedi Sleeves

Speedi Sleeves

 This thin-walled sleeve [0,28 mm (0.011 in.)], has been developed specifically to repair worn shafts and is simply pushed in position over the worn area of the shaft providing a counterface surface that is optimized for radial shaft seals.

There is no shaft disassembly or machining involved and costly downtime is minimized. Since the same sized seal as the original can be used, there is no need to search for other seals, or keep a stock of different sizes.

No special equipment is required since the installation tool is supplied with the sleeve. A mallet and a pair of pliers are all that is needed for the installation.

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Ice Cream Van Spares


• V-belts

• Banded belts

• Pulleys

• Taper lock bushes

• Bearing units

• Keysteel

• Shafts

• 3 pointed stars

• Omega couplings

•  Adhesives

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Food & Packing Industry

Silicone Extrusions Thermoplastic bearing Units
Polyurethane Belting
Stainless Steel
Telon PTFE Tape

 • Silicone Extrusions

• Thermoplastic Bearing Units

• Polyurethane Belting

• Stainless Steel castors

•Telon & PTFE Tapes

• Silicone Profile Cords

• Stainless Steel Chain 

• Stainless Steel Bearings 

• FDA Aerosols 

• Pull down vacuum belts

• Linatex Belts

• Table Top chain and belts

• FDA Greases and Oils

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Gland Packings



• PAN Fibre Packing

• Glass Fibre Packing

• Kevlar® Aramid Packing

• Aramid Packing

• PTFE Packing

• PTFE Graphite Packing

• Carbon Graphite Packing

• Expanded Graphite Packing

• Natural Fibre Packing

• Available 8 metre lengths

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Vibrator Motors


Vibrating motors are now available from Leeds Engineering Solutions. They can be supplied as single or three phase types with power ratings from 0.17KW to 13KW. Centrifugal forces are available from 1.08KN to 221KN

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Suspension and Damping Systems


• Recycling and Waste Solutions

• Construction Machines

• Mining and Aggregate

• Agricultural Equipment

• Food Processing Equipment

• Wood Processing Equipment

• Playground Equipment

• Outdoor Fitness Equipment

• Industrial Solutions

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Tension Units



Whether for the initial tensioning of large belt drives with our self-adjusting motor base suspension or for efficient secondary tensioning by means of easy-to-install chain and belt tensioners, we have the perfect solution! 

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